About Osage Chamber Of Commerce

The Osage Chamber of Commerce promotes Osage as the place to do business and helps in providing quality of life for those who work and live in Osage.

You won't find a dead Chamber of Commerce in a live city - or you won't find a live Chamber of Commerce in a dead city.
A prosperous, thriving city like Osage is a reflection of a live Chamber of Commerce. Thus the future of Osage is tied up in an active Chamber. Few realize the intimacy that exists between the well-being of each citizen of Osage and the Chamber of Commerce's program of work.

This relationship does not exist merely between the business segments of our community. Rather there is a bond between the farmer, the stockman, the laborer, the housewife, the clerk and the merchant. Everyone benefits from the work and thinking of more than top men and women volunteering their time and energy in committee activities to help solve the problems and advance the general well-being of our community.

Osage has had a great past. An even brighter future is in store; By continuing to progress together - the Chamber doing its part, you doing yours - the past is truly the prelude.

Osage Chamber Of Commerce

Kati Henry,
808 Main Street
Osage, Iowa 50461
(641) 732-3163
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